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Polyneuropathy / Small Fiber Neuropathy

Tingling, stinging, burning - the cause can be small fiber neuropathy

Polyneuropathy is a nerve disorder that affects several peripheral nerves, the most common of which is the leg discomfort in the area of the feet - characterized by burning pain and numbness. The most common cause is diabetes mellitus.

Not infrequently, the pain and abnormal sensations of small fiber neuropathy, but also the accompanying complaints such as digestive problems, sleep disorders and feelings of exhaustion, resemble the description of fibromyalgia. In the ANS Clinic, specialized examination methods are used to search for small fiber neuropathy. If interdisciplinary diagnostics are necessary for this, this will be coordinated by us. The main goal of diagnostics is to find a treatable cause.

In principle, polyneuropathy can affect all nerves in the body. Parasitic sensations, pain and numbness indicate a disease of the sensitive nerves supplying the skin. As part of the examinations, attention is also paid to whether other parts of the nervous system are diseased. Therefore, attention is paid to possible muscle weakness, disorders of balance and coordination, poor circulation and bladder or digestive disorders.

For example, it is relevant whether there are gait disorders, trips and falls. Important observations in this context can be the tips of your feet getting caught on doorsteps or your feet not rolling over while walking. If the hip and thigh muscles are primarily affected, straightening up from a crouch or climbing stairs will be tedious. If the shoulder girdle, arm or hand muscles are affected, it can be difficult to carry bags but also to open bottles or glasses.

How do I get rid of polyneuropathy?

How do I get rid of polyneuropathy? An answer to this question can only be given to a few people affected. In any case, however, we would like to achieve relief from the symptoms of polyneuropathy. The following questions typically arise: What can be done about the burning sensation and pain in the feet or hands? What can I do for my digestion? I hardly get any rest at night - what strengthens my bladder? Regardless of whether a treatable cause can be found, the focus of treatment is the alleviation of the various symptoms of polyneuropathy. We are successful when well-being and independence are maintained. Treatment example polyneuropathy