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Quick help with dizziness

Dizziness, weakness, and lightheadedness. These symptoms can occur several times a day in people with circulatory disorders. This is not only annoying but also unsettles those affected and relatives. Of course, sitting down or lying down can help immediately. However, this is not always possible or necessary. With the immediate measures presented here to strengthen the circulatory system, an increase in blood pressure and an improved blood supply to the brain can be achieved within a few minutes. For example, if 400-500 ml of liquid is drunk within a few minutes, the blood pressure rises reflexively. This effect can last up to 60 minutes. People who have suffered from circulatory disorders for many years successfully use the counter maneuvers shown here, often several times a day, to immediately strengthen their circulatory system. It is a series of immediate measures that are part of the wealth of experience of people with circulatory disorders and that are virtually intuitive to those affected be applied.

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Prof. Dr. med. Christina Haubrich and Nina Salimi (Specialists in neurology)

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