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Treating Fibromyalgia in the Neuro Praxis Düsseldorf: Careful diagnosis is particularly important!

Fibromyalgia - also often referred to as fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) - is one of the pain syndromes. It is characterized by deep muscle pain in different parts of the body. In addition, there are exhaustion, concentration and sleep problems. In addition to these core symptoms, there are a number of accompanying symptoms such as morning stiffness and difficulty concentrating. Fibromyalgia is not an inflammatory disease, but primarily a disorder of pain perception and processing.

At Neuro Praxis Düsseldorf we take your complaints very seriously; if only because we know that an organic cause can often enough be found if one works particularly carefully in the diagnosis.

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Prof. Dr. med. Christina Haubrich and Nina Salimi (Specialists in neurology)

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