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Treatment of small fiber / polyneuropathy at the Neuro Praxis Düsseldorf

How do I get rid of polyneuropathy? Only a few people affected can be given an answer to this question. In any case, however, we would like to achieve relief from the symptoms of polyneuropathy. The following questions typically arise: What can be done about the burning sensation and pain in the feet or hands? What can I do for my digestion? I hardly get any rest at night - what strengthens my bladder? Regardless of whether a treatable cause can be found, the focus of treatment is the alleviation of the various symptoms of polyneuropathy. We are successful when well-being and independence are maintained.

The focus of the treatment of polyneuropathy is of course pain relief as well as maintaining muscle strength and coordination of the legs and arms. You will receive recommendations from us on how and where suitable physiotherapy exercise programs can be carried out to strengthen the arm and leg muscle culture and improve coordination and balance.

Strong against pain associated with polyneuropathy

In order to be successful in the long term, the optimal pain treatment must meet your personal needs, your daily routine and your standard of wellbeing. This ranges from a broad spectrum of proven drugs to the diverse non-drug methods of pain relief. The optimal treatment is seldom an “either-or”. Experience shows that success often lies in the combination of treatment methods. A big advantage is that therapies such as acupuncture, transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TENS) and biofeedback can be learned directly on site in the Neuro Praxis Düsseldorf and can be used here if desired. For an everyday life without pain and discomfort as far as possible, we will go with you and take the time to choose the most effective treatment for you.

The whole body in view with polyneuropathy

We understand polyneuropathy as a disease in the course of which the functions of the stomach and intestines, the urinary bladder and cardiovascular regulation can also be included at any time. Thanks to interdisciplinary cooperation, we take care of the diagnosis and treatment of vegetative disorders of the stomach, intestines, bladder and cardiovascular regulation. We are also happy to advise you on diets and remedies that regulate the passage of the stomach and intestines. It is not uncommon for bladder and bowel disorders to require treatment by specialized gastroenterologists. We use the now wide network of contacts and collaborations with colleagues for this purpose.

Better control of the bladder

The symptoms that occur in the course of a polyneuropathy with involvement of the urinary bladder range from delayed emptying of the bladder to an annoying urge to urinate during the day but also at night. In order to be able to provide targeted treatment, our urology colleagues helped us to understand the type of bladder disorder. We would like to improve your bladder function with recommendations for training the urinary bladder, support through medication or aids, so that you are more independent in everyday life and your sleep is no longer disturbed if possible.

Strong circulation in polyneuropathy

Experience has shown that it is only at second glance that blood pressure fluctuations, cardiac arrhythmias or disorders of circulatory regulation while standing are related to polyneuropathy. Adjust medication accordingly and train behavior. Simple recommendations for everyday life are effective in preventing uncontrolled fluctuations in blood pressure. If several organs are affected by the polyneuropathy, the treatment can be very extensive and demanding. The priorities in the treatment concept are set together with you. All decisions are made together. Success is the result of interdisciplinary collaboration between specialists, therapists, physiotherapists and nutritionists.

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Prof. Dr. med. Christina Haubrich and Nina Salimi (Specialists in neurology)

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